FAQ TriangleLearn

  • Basics

  • What is Triangle Learn and what do you do?

    Triangle Learn is an online learning platform where you can learn new courses, topics and skills; and apply them in internships that we help you get. Our courses are fun and engrossing but most importantly up to date with the technology of today!

  • Why Triangle Learn and not any other platform?

    There is a plethora of options for a student wanting to learn topics online with new ones coming up everyday! In midst of these many options, why you should choose Triangle Learn is because we still manage to get you something that no other platform does. We target the streams like cyber security, ethical hacking etc at the most reasonable prices that you will find nowhere else. We also intend to develop rigorous courses for electronics students of the level that are on par with the courses in the best universities around.

  • What is unique about courses on Triangle Learn?

    A quick survey told us that the one thing that demotivates students from finishing their online courses are doubts that they are unable to ask anyone. Most written forums tend to be slow and unresponsive at times. In our courses, we offer the very solution to this problem. Occasional live sessions for every batch as well as well as regular live doubt clarifying sessions make sure our students have someone to reach out to. We place extra emphasis on this direct contact with mentors and course curators as your learning is important to us.

  • How guaranteed is an internship after I complete a course or series on Triangle Learn?

    There is a 100% guarantee for a student to get an internship if he/she has taken a package and passed the exam too. The internships vary from on-site to work from home type, research to industrial based and service to product based but we make sure that we find the best of opportunities from our widespread network for you.

  • Mobile

  • How often will I get to interact with mentors live and ask my doubts?

    Though this is a dynamic factor varying from course to course, we assure a basic minimum live interaction per course to keep the student interested and to cater to everyone’s doubts. The course curator can occasionally decide to take live classes instead of the video lecture just to make it a more fruitful experience for the students while the mentors would take live doubt sessions much more often. You could be meeting the course curator a few times in any course while you would see the mentor almost every week, ready to clarify every doubt that every student has.